Francesco Micca, Lodovico Bordignon, Lucia Giordano, Marco Andorno, Paola Bordignon, Sebastiano Amadio, Amandine Delclos

Aldo Pasquero, Giuseppe Morrone

music, costumes, objects, stilts, flags, masks and production
Faber Teater

And now let’s go in the streets, in Parada! An itinerant street theater and music show, Parada brings in the streets two bands: the Little actors-musicians and the Giants actors-stiltmen. Theatrical actions, dances, choreographies bring them together and in the meantime separate them. They meet, approach, dance together, challenge, fight a duel. Sometimes the Giants win, sometimes it’s the Small ones turn. And then there’s the feast, the dance, the construction of a “theater within theater” in which aerial and ground choreography carry away the audience.