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Type: street theatre and music.

Location: promenade street show. Distance covered max 500 m with some stops.

Lighting: in case of night performance it is possible to take advantage of the existing lighting (lamps, street lamps…) possibly reinforced by a 1000 W or par spot (in number to be arranged depending on the spaces).

Pavement: the ground should be flat or with no steep slopes, non-slip, no uneven (eg. Are not suitable gravel, grass, sand, mud, cobble stones with pebbles of the river) and without the presence of long flights of steps (up to 3 steps).

Sound: the show is not amplified, therefore the place should be acoustically sheltered.

On-the-spot inspection and rehearsal: 3 h
Duration: 1 h

Dressing room: a room (25-30 sq. m) with electricity, toilets and showers to act both as a dressing room and for preparation of the costumes. The room will be used from the beginning of the assembling time to the end of the dismantling.

Stage management: a person is required to liaise with the company during the on-the-spot inspection and the show.

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