the champion and the mosquito

Francesco Micca, Marco Andorno, Lodovico Bordignon, Lucia Giordano, Paola Bordignon, Sebastiano Amadio

text and direction
Mario Chiapuzzo

a creation of
Faber Teater e Mario Chiapuzzo

Museo dei Campionissimi, Novi Ligure

costumes, masks, banners, bike processing
Faber Teater

Everyone is on a bicycle in this a-typical show, riding across space and time on the river of the Twentieth Century. The masks, Time Guides, take  the spectators by the hand accompanying them through the life of Fausto Coppi, the Champion, and Anifele, the African mosquito that stung him. It is the parabola of a man gradually becoming that of each one. A story that is daily and heroic at the same time, ironically biting.