Who we are

Faber as blacksmith, artisan, our theatre wants to be a theater of craftsmanship, an artist’s shop where you can learn, study, rejoice, seek, stay. We put at the centre the actors’ work, the group theater, the collective creation, we cultivate the actor-spectator relationship and we are constantly and passionately looking for “our theater” made of thought, action, ideas, shows, exchanges, quality , commitment. We believe in the spectacular moment as an intense exchange of perceptions, emotions, energies, “stories” with the spectators, in the often unconventional places that host us.
Faber Teater was born in 1997 thanks to the intuition and vision of Aldo Pasquero (for years also artistic director of the group with the precious collaboration of Giuseppe Morrone).
We believe in autopedagogy and in the collective and individual research of a training, a preparation for the scene that passes through different traditions coming from distant and nearby worlds: from yoga to dance, from acrobatics to the use of stilts, from singing to narration, to the study of musical instruments. Since 2004 we have chosen to deepen the vocal, musical and pedagogical research with Antonella Talamonti, composer, trainer, teacher and vocalist, collaborator of Giovanna Marini and the Popular School of Music of Testaccio in Rome.
Over the years we have met and collaborated with many women and men of theater we value, from which we have learned a lot and with whom we shared and share part of our pedagogical and artistic journey including Mario Barzaghi, Claudia Contin and Ferruccio Merisi , Andrea Brugnera, Rocco De Paolis, Mario Chiapuzzo, Antonella Talamonti, Luciano Nattino, Gianni Bissaca, Paolo Nani.
We have created and went on tour around the world with many shows, in prestigious festivals in the major capitals and in the most remote villages, in historic theaters and small squares, for a very few or hundreds of spectators.

Where we have been


  • Carnaval de Nice, Nizza (Francia)
  • Navicelle, Celle Ligure (Sv)
  • Vimercate Ragazzi Festival, Vimercate (Mb)
  • LongLake Festival, Lugano (Svizzera)
  • Gran Paradiso dal Vivo, Ribordone (To)
  • Fuori tutti, Nonantola (Mo)
  • Festival Concentrica, Abbazia di Vezzolano (To)
  • Biennale tecnologia, Torino


  • BergBuchBrig – Multimediafestival, Briga (Svizzera)
  • ThessPuppet Festival, International Puppet and Street Theatre Festival, Veria (Grecia)
  • Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo, IIC Istanbul (Turchia)
  • Festival della biodiversità, Milano
  • I Teatri della Cupa, Abbazia di Santa Maria di Cerrate (Le)
  • I Teatri del Sacro, Ascoli Piceno (Ap)
  • Storia di un campione, Cento anni di Fausto Coppi, Novi Ligure e Tortona
  • Festival Mirabilia, Santuario di Valmala, Busca (Cn)


Festival Internacional de Teatro de Molina de Segura, Molina de Segura (Spagna)
Mezinárodní festival Divadlo Plzeň, Pilsen (Repubblica Ceca)
Ruhrfestspiele Festival, Recklinghausen (Germania)
Palchi Reali, Castello di Racconigi (Cn)
Passio, Novara
W la fisica! – Festival della Fisica, Milano
Insolito Festival, Parma
C’era una volta… Treviso d’estate, Treviso
Sentieri e pensieri, Santa Maria Maggiore (Vb)
ReggioNarra, Reggio Emilia
AstiTeatro, Asti
Evviva la fisica – Festival della Fisica, Roma
Paesaggi e oltre, Costigliole d’Asti (At)
Groscavallo Mountain Festival, Groscavallo (To)
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